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The WHO Library is the world’s leading library on public health. It provides access to knowledge from WHO as well as to other sources of scientific literature produced around the world. WHO Library resources and expertise also provide scientific evidence and knowledge to low- and middle- income countries through a set of low-cost/high-use initiatives.

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Factfulness Non-Motorized Transport Integration into Urban Transport Planning in Africa Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World Social Research Methods Control of communicable diseases manual. Mandell, Douglas and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases. 8th ed. 2 Volumes Chalet Swiss Handbook on Biological Warfare Preparedness Hospice and Palliative Care in Southeast Asia: A review of developments and challenges in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines Fundamentals of Risk Management: Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective Risk Management The White Plague: Tuberculosis, Man, and Society Prioritizing Development: A Cost Benefit Analysis of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials: A Practical Perspective (Statistics in Practice) Towards Universal Health Care in Emerging Economies: Opportunities and Challenges Professional Health Regulation in the Public Interest: International Perspectives

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