Wheelchair service training package for managers and stakeholders - Geneva : World Health Organization, 2015.

The Chinese version is published by the Resource Center of Assistive Technology for Persons with Disability in Shenzhen, China

Contents: Trainer’s Manual for Managers – Reference Manual and Workbook for Managers – Additional Resources for Managers –
Trainer’s Manual for Stakeholders



9789241549080 (package) 9787802582415 (‎Chinese, Trainer's manual, Part-1)‎ 9787802582392 (‎Chinese, Reference manual and workbook, Part-2)‎ 9787802582422 (‎Chinese, Additional resources, Part-3)‎

9787802582446 (Chinese, Tutorial teacher's manual, Part-4) 9786069363072 (Romanian)

Teaching materials
Disabled persons--rehabilitation.

WB 320 2015WH